Look whats Arrived…..

We at Flight youth engineering would like to share some exciting news.

Snap-on Tools have delivered a roll cab tool box containing many of the tools required for St Columban’s College students to begin the build of their aircraft.

The first shipment from Vans Aircraft in Oregon, USA has arrived.  This large box contains the training kits, the empennage (tail section), the complete aircraft plans and all the components required to successfully compete the empennage.

Each student will complete three training kit projects which will help learn the skills required to build the Vans RV-12is Aircraft

The ediflyers have just completed their empennage, check out their latest update at https://fye.org.au/?page_id=447 They now move onto the fuselage (body) of their aircraft.

St Columban’s have been busily preparing their hanger workshop area on their school grounds for this exciting project to begin.

Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind and look after each other in these unusual circumstances we find ourselves in.  As Australian’s we will arrive at the tail end of this crisis as quickly as it has begun leaving us stronger, wiser, better prepared and equipped for the future.