FYE (Flight Youth Engineering) was established to mentor secondary school aged students across Australia, giving them the opportunity to participate in the build of an RV12 Aircraft.


Participating in the project provides practical experiences, a deeper understanding of engineering, aircraft management and theory of flight. 


To achieve this FYE will continue to establish, maintain and utilise an extensive network of industry experienced mentors and educators who share this vision.

“Mentors build the student… students build the Aircraft”  Glen Salmon

FYE has been established  to mentor secondary school aged students across Australia, giving students a chance to participate in a project that involves building and flying a plane under the guidance and supervision of mentors from many different sectors of the aviation industry.  It is hoped that, in turn, this will also show the students possible futures in the aviation industry and into careers they may not yet have considered. 

Van’s Aircraft strives to continually improve what many consider to be the finest aircraft designs and home-built kits in the industry.

The “original” RV-12 took the Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) market by storm in 2008. A few years later we added the Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) option, enabling flight schools and individual owners to purchase completely finished airplanes that they can pick up and fly home from the factory. To date more than 1,100 kits have been purchased. And there are a lot of RV-12s gracing the skies. More than 600 RV-12’s are currently being flown all over the world by student pilots, sport pilots, private pilots and more. Impressive is an understatement!